A new smart network
that literally works for you.
A platform that works on your behalf with all your ancillaries, receives and pre-fills all your documents, and brings you $100,000s in completely new revenue.

New Revenue

We bring significant new revenue by optimizing your CPO for all your documents and across all your patients.

Eliminate Work

Our expert nurses check, prefill and prepare all your documents. Physicians sign them. And we make sure you can bill for everything.

Eliminate Paper

We directly work with all your ancillaries, not you. We receive documents and track all activity, and make documents available to you.
How does it work?
1. Agency Management
We directly work with all your ancillaries, and ensure that they can send you documents.
2. Document Management
We receive and manage all your documents, and we pre-fill and prepare them for signing.
3. Revenue Maximizing
We track and optimize your CPO reimbursements and bring significant new revenue.
4. Sign With 1-Click
All your documents, in one place, ready to be signed on your phone, computer or watch.
Built For Enterprise
Our platform was created to seamlessly fit into the workflow and structure of enterprise clients with focus on efficiency, transparency and visibility and accountability, on a large scale.
Our Partners
Steward is the largest private hospital operator in the country, serving more than 800 communities.
Primcare focuses on House callas as well as services in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide.
Heal offers easy house calls with license physicians, serving 130 million patients in 11 states.
What our partners says
"This platform seamlessly fit into our workflow and structure. It helps bring new focus on efficiency, transparency and visibility, and is pivotal for our success."
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